All dolled up

The Jewish holiday season has come to an end and here are some conclusions:
1. My daughter has nicer clothes than I do- a realisation I come to only after I get her dressed
    for the holiday dinners. But I feel as she is some kind of representation or extension of me,
    I'm pretty ok about it.
2. We went on some well-deserved vacation, and it was AWESOME!
    It brought the three of us closer together as a family.
3. There are no excuses left... The cost is clear, with no vacations or holidays ahead,
    now it's time to be proactive and take my tasks and projects list by storm.
4. Not enough time was spent with my friends this holiday season and that sucked.
5. I am an ignorant in all that's new in the music world, and I have to adopt new bands to listen to,
    recommendations are welcomed and needed.


Yes. I was alarmed to at the thought of keeping my 1.5 yo baby occupied for almost three weeks.
But We made it!
For the most part it was extremely enjoyable mother-daughter quality time,
and I have to admit... a little bit exhausting.
Running around at the beach was one of our favourite activities, in spite of the heat.
Nothing like spending days in a super comfortable bathing suit by Ugly Duckling.
While sometimes I wish I could spend most of my days on a beach somewhere,
I'm in a different wishing mode this year. I wish I could find the motivation within me to promote projects I believe in and challenge myself more.
Soon we will be welcoming the new hebrew year and this is the time for such resolutions.
Happy weekend <3

Naked is not an eyeshadow

I know it's summer and it shouldn't be a surprise but it is so hot outside!
Every time I leave my home studio I need a damn good reason to do that, leave the aircon and go out onto the scorching hot street and put on fabric that sticks to my body.
After a 5 min walk to Tel Aviv university library I wished I was at least in my underwear instead of any other garment. I'm not a nudist but sometimes I wish I could relinquish social convention in this abysmal hit,  and I would grant everyone a pass on wearing clothes if they wish it.
Have a cool chilly rest of the week <3