Naked is not an eyeshadow

I know it's summer and it shouldn't be a surprise but it is so hot outside!
Every time I leave my home studio I need a damn good reason to do that, leave the aircon and go out onto the scorching hot street and put on fabric that sticks to my body.
After a 5 min walk to Tel Aviv university library I wished I was at least in my underwear instead of any other garment. I'm not a nudist but sometimes I wish I could relinquish social convention in this abysmal hit,  and I would grant everyone a pass on wearing clothes if they wish it.
Have a cool chilly rest of the week <3


  1. What a nice idea. I don't have air conditioning, so I have rocked my underwear at home all summer. My Husband and son don't mind. But I nearly gave the postman a nice surprise the other day and thought I might just walk out like this in a hurry.

  2. כל כך טוב לחזור לקרוא את הבלוג אחרי קומה של פרויקט גמר, התגעגעתי!