Hungry Event Hippo

I admit that I don't go out as much. Prioritising is key when juggling work, motherhood, marriage and all other forms of life (friends, family and inspiration).
Easy to say that events are not at the top of my list, but I admit going to an event supporting art is one I can get behind.
Usually leaving the house is involved in a very swift prep which almost never includes food. Like a very hungry hippo I've arrived to the event with my mother, and while she shmused around with the museum clique I picked up as much nibbles as I can fit in a napkin and nibbled away like a little mouse in the most embarrassing way.
Fortunately there were enough fashion industry personalities that I interested no one.

Bottom line- Castro fashion company is opening Tel Aviv Museum of Art every Thursday evening for free throughout August, alongside a T-shirt collaboration with Israeli artists.
Get your inspiration on and visit the museum!

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