Hi There

This blog was created as my creative outlet in telling stories about life and everyday fashion. Time past and with some new experiences I welcomed my sweet baby girl Tamara. My view has changed and so has my take on fashion.
This is a place to experience life and motherhood in an illustrated, laughable, some times frustrated way.
I'd like to share with you the good, the bad and the fashionable side too,
to this crazy thing called motherhood & parenthood.
*Real name - Hagar Wertheim
*Graduated Shenkar Art & Design College. Majored in Illustration.*M.Des student
*Illustrated for magazines, blogs, private clients, clothing store's displays, fashion website & catalog,
  commissioned Palladium shoes and many more...

**Sang Jazz in high school
**I'm a licensed scuba instructor
**I love edgy sneakers

For inquiries & commissions- 1hugaday@gmail.com


  1. Great blog !!!


  2. Hi Hagar! My name is Gari (Hagar) and although i was also born in Tel-Aviv, I grew up and live in the States. I have never met another Hagar or Gari, for that matter. Your blog is great - Keep it going.

    Warm Dash to the land- Gari

  3. בלוג מקסים, אני ממש אוהבת את האיורים שלך!