New covers

It's turning up to be a very unusually brutal winter here in Israel. We are used to a short non extreme winter season in Tel aviv- some drizzles, a couple of days of rain, a little bit of wind and it goes by pretty fast.
These last couple of days were stormy and schizophrenic- rain, sun, rain, hale, sun, powerful winds and floods. In this winter's atmosphere you all know I've been obsessing over my flannel sheep pj,
(as you can recall in previous posts 1hug, 2hug).
Since I love it so much and it is such a cold winter, my wonderful mom a brand new flannel pj with snowflakes. I feel like a fuzzy 5 year old princess in this pyjama, but I don't care!
I LOVE IT! Stay warm ;)

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  1. Hah, yeah, only one outfit is bothering me at the moment - fluffy and dry, as we need to spend most of the time indoors:) Wrote about pj in my blog too two days ago, seems like a trend:) Check mine and stay cozy:)