Can I pull it off?

For a while now I've been wanting to try out pairing short jeans and tights, but was reluctant for the apparent reason that this style is purely for 16 year olds and super skinny women. As I woke up for work I decided to go for it and that I only need the attitude to match my outfit.
Well... my attitude stayed the same but I managed to pull it off pairing this difficult look with my love's sweater and my currently favourite pair of boots a deep shade of green laced leather boots by Daniella LehaviIn the evening when I came back to the office for our showroom launch party at Belle & Sue HQ
I had no time or energy to change my outfit so I just added a black statement piece by zara.
Have a wonderful easy breezy week :)

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  1. מקסים
    אכן בת 16
    האיור משובב

  2. תמיד כל כך מקסים !!

    תענוג לבוא לבקר אצלך...