Ombre this!

The ombre style and light hair tips have been pretty common and trendy for a while now- and I love it!
I don't usually dye my hair but am not afraid of  change, so I decided to give one of the trendiest
options a try. 
I would never go as far as dying my entire hair blond but I thought that maybe if it was just the tip of my left-over bangs it could look cool in a lightened shade. I went to my dear talented cousin and we tried to dye my hair only to find out after a few batches that it doesn't work on my dark brown hair.
The glimpse of color that eventually appeared on my head  could be mistaken for a different light shining upon my hair and not a color of any sort. ah... well :)
(The right way to dye dark hair is to use a special lightening powder in the mix)
I am determined to make a noticeable change.
What do you say- Ombre or golden-old-bangs-tip?

1 comment:

  1. אני בעד לנסות :) זה טרנד באמת חמוד ומרענן, ומקסימום תמיד אפשר לצבוע.