I'm old

Hey! it's my birthday. I am now a 28 years old... girl? I feel like a girl although this year has been about taking charge and creating my own journey in the illustration and fashion world (so more of a woman?).
So far - pretty good (though I would like to do better). 27 has been good to me, I cannot complain-

 I think I found my main illustration style, without deserting a few beloved styles I still use.
Please 28 be even better, and don't make me feel old.

For this occasion I've laid out my unworn yet beautiful Anthro dress,
my stuart weizman wedding shoes
a sparkly necklace from forever 21
and hopefully I intend to buy myself a flower crown. HAPPY NOV 28TH!
** also born on the 28th - Jon Stewart (one of the funniest men alive)


  1. מזל טוב יקירה!!
    איזה איור משגע!

  2. Happy birthday!!!! Gorgeous illustration!

  3. תודה בנות!
    thank you girls!!

  4. happy birthday!!!wow lovely picture..

  5. ג'ון סטוארט
    באמת הכי מצחיק