Good cause designer outlet

I've been meaning to create this post for quite a while here goes. 
Sometimes you need a great deal or a good reason in ordered for you to make a purchase of some sort.
So I'd like to introduce to you the Women’s Courtyard designer outlet store at Jaffa port, that has just
that- great prices, 
amazing finds by Israel's top designers and your purchase supports a great cause.
The Women's Courtyard is a unique multicultural, framework that provides support and assistance for girls and young-adult women in distress and at-risk who reside in Jaffa. The organization promotes social justice, equal opportunities and the right of every woman and girl to achieve self-fulfillment in accordance with her will, aspirations and needs, independent of national origins or ethnicity. The store creates employment opportunities for the girls as well. This weekend the Shufuni shoes event is taking place at the port,

so you can kill two birds with one stone and visit both the shoes happening and the outlet store.
*At Shufuni there will be a pair of Hunter boots I illustrated on for sale.
  Proceeds go to the Pitchon Lev foundation, so give them 1hug or two.
Have a wonderful Friday <3


  1. Nice post.

  2. את ציירת את זה ? אם כן את וכשרת בטירוף !

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