Sleep No More NYC

I'm back from nyc! Actually I've been back for a week now, but have been working on this special post.
I was in the city for 9 days and had an amazing time with my mother and little sister. Before I illustrate and write about fashion in nyc, I had to share with you the most incredible experience I have ever had in nyc,
and it's called "Sleep No More".
First some background: sleep no more is an immersive, site-specificinteractive work of theatre

that portrays the Shakespearean tale of Macbeth, with no words at all. This all takes place at in manhattan, at a location that was transformed into an "abandon" hotel.

As we arrived we were all instructed to remain silent and masked throughout the show, and were surprised to find out that the actors are silent as well. The acting was very intense and was conveyed mainly by dance, 
while very dramatic sound effects and music was played in the background. We spent 3 hours roaming the rooms, following the actors, running up and down the stairs of the hotel.

This whole experience sucks you into the weird atmosphere, as soon as you enter the door and deposit your phone and your purse. The actors/dancers were unbelievably talented, the setting was designed
with great attention to details, and the music felt like we stepped into some kind of film noir movie set.
no amount of words can describe this work of art.Next time you're in New York- Sleep No More


  1. האיור מעולה, וממש מרגיש כאילו אתה נמצא בהצגה
    ובעצם מרגיש שממש בא לך לקחת חלק בארוע.
    את מוכשרת בצורה יוצאת דופן.

  2. יקירה מלבד זה שהפוסט מקסים ואני מחכה לעוד פוסטים מחוויותייך בניו יורק, צרי איתי קשר במייל - כי זכית בזוג לקים בהגרלה !!

  3. oh wow, I’m in ny right now. i want to check it out really bad, sounds like such a brilliant idea! Thanks so much for sharing!!!!

  4. על פי התאור שלך..המופע ממש מטריף!

    והאיורים כרגיל מהממים! :)

  5. וואו לפי תאורך המופע היה חוויה יוצאת דופן בהחלט. אני מקנאה בך שזכיר לראות אותו, אם היו מגיעים לארץ אין סיכוי שהייתי מפספסת!


  6. WOW! Your illustrations are absolutely mesmerizing!

  7. שמעתי על המופע הזה, ורק שבחים
    כך שעשה לי חשק ענק לראות בעצמי!
    חג שמח (: