Miss you

Tomorrow is holocaust memorial day in Israel. Therefore this post is an old illustration I did while still in
art college about my grandmother, that is no longer with us. She and her two brothers survived the holocaust and came to Israel after world war two. Her name was Anna, and was changed to Hannah when she came to Israel. We should always remember the past and make sure that the present
and the future will be brighter.


  1. Wow. I Miss Her. What a Wonderful person

  2. מקסים ומרגש.
    ובכלל - יש לך בלוג נהדר. תמיד עדין, מדויק ורגיש.

  3. OMG! What a wonderful post, you've really got to me emotionally with this post. You are right, we should never forget and think of a brighter future, but sometimes (I say this from my own experience) those things we carry on our shoulders are so painful that don't let us get forward on our paths. We should never let that sad things of the past tarnish our futures. Your grandma was so lucky to have you as a granddaughter, I'm sure!



  4. Really beautiful sketches, I am so sorry about your grandmother. My grandfather was in the U.S. army and liberated the camps, what a horrible time that was for our nation.


  5. תודה יעל
    thank you sinner

    Sylvia-thank you very much.
    and of course we should learn from the past and definitely not let it
    tarnish our future.

    Lainy-one of the wonders of the internet-
    to find out that your grandfather was part of libarating the camps,
    very moving...

  6. הוי ספתוש
    כל כך מתגעגעיפ