An Active Saturday

Since my week days are filled with working on new illustrations, 
over the weekend I try to jam as many fun activities as I possibly can. This past Saturday was packed with goodies! A few hours in the sun, a nice lunch, a family gathering, a birthday party and some sports (?!). But the key ingredient in all those events was the wonderful company- new people, friends, family and most important of all spending time with my love.
have a wonderful week.


  1. תלמשיכי להנות
    האיורים והתלבושות מקסימים

  2. I realized that you draw at an amazing speed with all your updates! Those black boots on the 2nd row far right look so much like my topshop boots, haha!

    1. Thank you! Yeah, since starting this blog I've been updating 4 times a week.
      As for the boots.. They are the topshop boots!!!
      I got them as a present for the holidays from my parents, two weeks ago!!!
      I'm in love with them