It's a Holiday LWD

As my husband has great taste, it is only fair that he will be featured in this holiday diner segment.

For the Passover Seder, we both opted for white in our outfits. I usually prefer to wear white for these occasions, because it always makes me feel more festive. I love it when men make a little bit of an effort,

and sport a jacket or a blazer. Since my hubby, has broad shoulders and is pretty skinny, he mostly wear slim fitted clothes (no, not skinny anything- just slim)and he wears them well :)

P.S. Found my alexander wang dress at a sample sale in NYC.
Best purchase ever! The best 1hug from nyc.


  1. גם אני נורא מתלהבת כשחבר שלי מתלבש כמו חתיך. גזרת סלים זה מושלם (סקיני זה של היפסטרים)

  2. בטח הייתם הכי, אבל הכי חגיגיים
    תלבושת מושלמת לסדר
    ל. א.

  3. I love these illustrations you have done! very creative indeed

  4. wow! amazing draws!

  5. A perfect illustration of a family dinner..right from food to style

  6. Hag Sameah :-)

    I absolutely love your blog! the writing style and layout are great !!

  7. thank you all so much for your compiments and love!