Comfort & Fashion

A while ago I got familiarized with these sort of sweatpants- souq pants- that are very common amongst dancers.When long, lean and fit people wear them (like dancers) they always look effortlessly cool.
Initially I bought them for yoga class but then one day... I decided to try not wearing jeans for a change.
And you know what? I just loved it! I paired it off with- my favourite sneakers by Ash, a sleeveless blouse from Forever21, leopard round sunnies from Anthropologie and my leather jacket.
Since it was a pretty laid back day I gave this combo a spin. Although I was pleased with the outcome I went back to my jeans the next day. But now I know that every once in a while I can sport this sporty
look pretty well.
How do you feel about a sporty hugging look?


  1. Very cool blog! like the illustrations, you are very talented!

  2. איפה קונים את המכנסיים המגניבות האלה..? וגם, הבלוג מקסים

    1. את המכנסיים האדירות האלה קונים בשוק הכרמל בתמורה ל20 שקלים חדשים :)