A Cute Little Number

Somehow the holidays bring out the worst or the best gatherings and situations, they never remain in the
safe grey area. I won't elaborate upon what kind was mine, but I'll share my very beautiful holiday outfit.
Since lately I've been eating healthy and practicing my Yoga, I fit into a cute little dress, bought two years ago at Zara. This floral number has an open back and a multi-layered comfy fabric. The only thing I forgot about this dress is that it is for standing only (!).Any kind of bend or twist can easily show off my Hanky Panky underwear. So I did my best efforts to remain still throughout the night :)
Next year I'll treat myself to 1hug and wear a flowy shirt-dress. How else am I supposed to eat all of the delicious holiday food?!


  1. אני לגמרי זוכרת מה כתבתי בתגובה האבודה, אני רק יודעת שהאיורים הסיפורים שלך תמיד מעלים חיוך על פני.
    נשיקות :)

  2. חחחח בעיה מוכרת כל כך!!

  3. איזה פוסט מעולה!!!
    שתדעי לך שלקרוא את הבלוג שלך אלו רגעי אושר צרופים.
    חג שמח!

  4. hahaha! cool paintings :)

    xxx Zari

  5. I just love your posts!:)
    I got few dresses like that too, but I don't think I would wear them again, the danger is too high:)
    Have a great week, waiting for the next hilarious illustration set, xo

    Olya from TLVBirdie