An Orange Shower

Yesterday, after dropping by at a friend's birthday party my stomach was growling. so we
stopped at a healthy sandwich place for a bite to eat. W
hile waiting the waiter spilled a whole
glass of chilled orange juice 
all over me. As I am a little bit clumsy myself I could totally understand

the frustration of an accident like this and was all smiles and laughter. It took 20 additional minutes of waiting for the food in my soaked clothes and an extremely weird manager, to get me angry.
I don't like to get angry. Have a calm, anger-free week. I recommend 1hug to relief the stress.


  1. זה קורה לכולם..:) שבוע רגוע גם לך! תענוג לקרוא את הבלוג שלך!

  2. העיקר לקחת ברוח טובה,
    בסך הכל מקלחת של ויטמין סי זה דבר בריא

  3. that's really cool that you didn't get mad at the waiter! i hope the rest of your day was OK though!

  4. תודה היכל ואנונימוס
    jamie- I try to keep come in general.. :)