Denim Denim Denim

Over the weekend, my cousin and I, spontaneously decided to go see the wonderful french movie- Intouchables. Since it was so spontaneous, I had no time to get ready. I could never really relate to the 'total denim' look. But what do you know? I created one by mistake. Since I didn't have time to put some concealer on, I applied some demi make up (a face cream with a tint) and a fruity labello I found in my bag.
I grabbed my favourite sneakers (I love them so much, that I have them in 2 colors),  braided the front of my hair while I was walking, and I was sit in a dark theatre and watch a movie :)
I give that movie 1hug.


  1. Super stunning and inspiring!! you are so talented!!
    נהנתי כל כך לפגוש אותך היום בפאשן.נט
    נשיקות מצויירות בנתיים :)

    1. תודה חמודה!
      היה כל כך כיף להכיר אותך
      כמה אנרגיות חיוביות!!
      נתראה בקרוב

  2. מקסים!
    והנעליים נראות מדליקות!

  3. thank you all you sweet people!