Street Stripes

I may not have the best short-term memory, but I try to pay attention to anything and everything,

for the chance of something inspiring catching my eye. A few days ago we were driving, making our way out of the city, when I saw these two ladies in stripes. They were on different streets, were out and about for different reasons and had no idea that they picked up a similar shirt that day. Your day can be funnier, happier and sweeter when you pay attention.


  1. Small details are the best! This is what makes each day unique :)
    I used to spend a lot of time wandering in Tel Aviv with my camera, which always makes me more aware of everything around me :) I haven't done that for a while and I miss it suddenly... Thank you for reminding me! ♥

    Morgane from The LeopardLegs

    1. I wasn't always aware to my surroundings as I am now.
      sometimes we need reminders to look around and pay attention :)

  2. סיפור חמוד
    והאיור ממש מוצלח

  3. הקסם שבפשטות,
    בלוג מקסים!