Sunny Afternoon

I have to say, living in Tel Aviv is absolutely wonderful. I love this city. All of my friend are here and some family members as well. Not long ago my cousin moved closer to where I live in the city, near a square called Kikar Rabin. A few months ago the city renovated the square. They build a beautiful pond with a wooden deck all around it. They put a lot of chairs around it as well. Since then its been very lively over there. And it's nice to just sit in the sun, have a cup of coffee/juice and talk. SO WE DID :) it was our 1hug for the day.


  1. Your blog is adorable ! I love it !

  2. עשית לי חשק עכשיו לצאת לכיכר רבין לבושה במיטב מחלצי ולאכול קינוח בבראסרי :)

  3. Hey honey,
    I LOVE your blog <3 are all these pictures made by you ?

    Love Meroda

    P.S +1 new GF and Bloglovin follower

  4. thank you shephanie,

    שרונה, תעשי את זה! אני ממליצה בחום על האקלייר מהמאפיה של הבראסרי!

    meroda, thank you!
    all of the pictures and the illustration
    are taken and illustrated by me! :)

  5. יואו! לגמרי להתלבש, להתגנדר ולצאת, איזה כיף!

  6. loving your artwork, and i would love to visit tel aviv someday! i hear it's amazing!

  7. Cute photo! I really like your blog, it would be nice if you could stop by my blog sometime too :) :)

  8. Oh so lovely!
    This is my 1st giveaway!

    Im waiting for you! =)

    Kisses Elpi xx

  9. Such nice sketches - your blog is different :)
    would love for you to check out my new post

  10. ממש בא לקפוץ לבריכה, כייף שיש משפחה לבלות
    ושמח לראות כל כך הרבה תגובות