The Pointed Shoe

While we search for the perfect pair of sandals for our summer wardrobe, a pretty little style of flats
has risen- the Pointed flats. This cute chic cut makes for a very unique look even with the simplest of outfits. I already have my eye on these 4 pairs, and I was extremely happy to have 2 Israeli designers on my list.
Shani Laxx creates a distinctive tan pair that I have coveted from the first time I saw them. The non-shoelace structure is supported by a surprising strap that wraps around the ankle. This is Shani's first shoe line... Can you believe it?!
Daniella Lehavi's shoes stood out in this summer collection with the bright yellow stripe at the heel that makes it all worth while. I just love the choice of textured black leather instead of a plain one.

No shoes were purchased yet, I just cannot decide which one is my favourite.
Decisions, decisions.
May you have a hug-able, decision-free week :)



  1. תמיד משמח ומעלה חיוך גדול להנות מהאיורים שלך.
    אכן כל הנעליים מהממות, וקשה לבחור בינהן, אלו של שני לקס נראות מעניינות, לפחות מהאיור שלך.
    יום חמים

  2. העם דורש עוד פוסטים!