Classy dinner

Another bachelorette party was ready to commence. This time our latest bride was specific about the event-
she wanted it to be very low key... just a dinner. We reserved a big table at her favourite restaurant.
the restaurant did not allow any major decorative elements, so we bought some flowers and made them into small bouquets tied up in a golden string. In addition I found these adorable sparkly stamp rings,
and put them in the wine glasses, as a nice surprise for all the girls.

May your week be full of sweet surprises and at least 1hug :)


  1. נשמע טרה-שיק :-) אני אוהבת אירועים כאלו פי מיליון יותר מחגיגות הקיטש הרגילות. בטח החתונה גם תהיה מהממת.