Independence Day

Israel's independence day has arrived!  to honor this day I chose to present an Israeli swimwear
designer, that I absolutely adore- Ugly DucklingI bought this bathing suit two years ago
and I always feel so glamorous in it. It's collar makes it all the more chic :)

A swimsuit perfect for a unique 1hug holiday atmosphere.


  1. Shalom! It's nice to see another fashion/blogger based out of Israel. I saw your work via flickr, clicked to your blog. And now i see your from Tel Aviv. Anyway your work is awesome. Hope you have a moment to check out my blog too.
    happy holiday! lk

  2. איזה יופי, מתחשק לי כבר הרבה זמן בגד ים בעיצובה. זה לא יצא לפועל עד כה כי פשוט אין לי מושג איפה היא מוכרת.

  3. איזה בלוג מהמם!! אהבתי מאוד!:) אני עוקבת אחריו מהיום..:)